Travelling With Friends With Car Rental Blenheim

Located in New Zealands South Island in the picturesque Marlborough region, Blenheim has booming wine production centers and many fun-filled water sports and activities. The city is known for its golden and beautiful sunshine. When travelling in groups, getting around is easier by car rental Blenheim as you can pack your gear and make pit stops along the way as per your own pace. Heres a list of some of the best attractions in Blenheim to savor your journey with:
Pollard Park: A beautiful and lush green area where everyone in the group can have a great time. Go for a relaxing walk amidst the beautiful flowers, kitchen gardens and floral arrangements. The gardens are a great place to have some fun with your friends and bask in the sunshine. There are lovely streams of clear, cool water flowing across the park, with ducks and other marine life to admire. For the photography enthusiasts in the group, this place offers some amazing views.
Omaka Aerodrome: The Omaka Aerodrome is also known as the Omaka Heritage Aviation Centre. The Marlborough air show is held here twice every year which is called Classic Fighters. For all the patrons of historical memorabilia, the aerodrome provides a great opportunity to see great historical artifacts. You can even find fighter aircraft of various kinds, along with other war relics.
Classic Cars Omaka: A large display of classic and timeless cars and a fantastic place for motor vehicle enthusiasts, with over 100 cars up for display. Dating from the late 1940s to the late 80s, the museum showcases the fabulous motor history of New Zealand, and is a must visit place.
Car rental Blenheim works best while travelling in groups
With these and many more attractions to visit, Blenheim is brimming with things to do. When travelling in groups, car rental Blenheim is the most economical, convenient and efficient way to get around the city. You can easily fit all your gear in a large car or SUV, instead of lugging it around in public transport. You also dont have to wait in line for public transport, and stop wherever you want on the way to do some photography or simply marvel at the citys scenic beauty. With many people travelling together, the burden of driving also doesnt have to rest on one person- you can take turns for driving around, while also enjoying the view. The services of a chauffeur driven vehicle can also be availed. It saves time and is a smart way of traveling while on a vacation in the city.
Blenheim is a great place for having fun with friends and car rental is the most convenient way to do so.

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