Travelling Inspires Painter To Pursue Art Career

A famous painter was inspired to pursue an art career after being enthralled by exotic images while travelling around the world.

British artist Neil Dawson almost became a big city banker after he initially discarded his dream to be a painter after graduating from university with a degree in economics.

Neil Dawson always held a passion for art since childhood but became disenchanted with studying the subject at Central Saint Martins College in London because he felt uncomfortable with justifying his work.

“I would rather people make their own mind up and take what they want from my work rather than me telling them what they should be thinking and seeing,” he said.

It was only after a period of extended travelling abroad that Dawson rediscovered his desire to paint.

Neil Dawson felt the need to translate his travelling experiences to canvas after being continuously bombarded by perplexing, mystifying and exciting atmospheres.

He said: “Being constantly exposed to beautiful, enchanting, strange, evocative, provocative, bewildering environments with the time and mindset to properly appreciate and reflect on them was a defining experience.”

Painting the images that he captured on camera was Dawson’s way of immortalising his experiences in art.

“As I got home I dusted off the palette and paints in an attempt to recapture some of the sights and feelings from my time abroad,” he added.

Neil Dawson quickly realised how much he had missed creating art after returning to painting and his decision to follow his dream to become an artist has led to a successful career.

Photographic references now form the basis of all Neil Dawson prints as they help to give a basic structure which can be expanded on with a more spontaneous painting style.

“I don’t like have too strong an idea of exactly how I want the finished article to look, preferring to work in a intuitive and impromptu way thus giving the painting a free rein to develop and feed off itself,” said Dawson.

Art lovers will be able to see Neil Dawson prints on display at galleries in Essex and Manchester in the near future.

Dawson will be exhibiting his work at the Chelmer Fine Art gallery on May 29th and the Castle Galleries Manchester on June 5th as part of a nationwide tour during 2010.

The artist revealed on his personal website that he would be happy to personalise any Neil Dawson prints bought on the day.

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