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Pregnancy travel insurance Travel safely

A woman has to be very careful when she has to travel while she is pregnant. Although many women avoid traveling through planes during pregnancy, but still they travel due to some emergency or they feel like having a holiday as they think they will be bound after the birth of their babies. But whatever may be the reason, all would be mothers must always be careful while traveling as they have to take care of a lot many factors. Pregnancy is such a stage in which a woman actually has no control over her emotions. She may be uncontrollable at certain times and definitely she needs the best comfort throughout her pregnancy. Thus, while traveling also, she expects her flight to be very comfortable and trouble-free. To have a safe flight, she has to buy pregnancy travel insurance as this definitely ensures her a comfortable flight.

Most of the insurance companies and airlines consider pregnant women as a case of “high risk”. But, actually this is really very obvious and understandable as a lady could have complications otherwise if precautions are not taken care of. Thus, it is necessary to take a medical advice before you plan to travel and then, you must look for pregnancy travel insurance. Since high risk is involved with pregnant women, thus they are not considered under any insurance coverage unless they are able to return eight weeks prior to their due date. So, one must necessarily check out this clause while looking for a suitable pregnant travel insurance. Also, verify that this applies both for your departure and your return dates. Most of the airlines have certain restrictions especially for the pregnant women. So, one must check those before purchasing a ticket. Most of the airlines do not allow women to travel once their pregnancy is past a certain stage. The second trimester of the pregnancy is the safest period to travel.

Before you take a policy for yourself, you need to ensure if there is coverage of every event in it which is desired by you. For example, if you are expecting multiple births, then ensure that your policy covers this clause and is not meant for just single birth women. In case, you do not find any travel insurance company offering you travel insurance, then you must contact an insurance broker directly. He may help you by creating some specialized policy for you. Undoubtedly that policy will be more expensive than other standard policies. But, the protection it ensures is worth its price. It is obligatory to provide the airlines and the travel insurance companies with a letter from your doctor ensuring good health as they try to reduce any kind of risks while traveling.

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Tata Aig Travel Insurance

Travelling is all about exploring new horizons of life. Some people travel to take a break from their 9×5 work schedules, some travel to acquire new business, some travel to visit their families and friends in distant lands, some travel to study abroad and some travel to find peace for their inner self. The reasons for travelling vary from person to person however the primary hope in every traveler remains same – A fulfilling and exciting journey. However, someone said it right: “A Journey is like Marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think that you control it!” Thats when Travel insurance comes in your Travel plan. It actually gives you a complete peace of mind to be prepared for any unforeseen emergencies or uncontrolled circumstances like loss of baggage, personal accident, medical expenses, flight delays etc. And for Indian Travelers who else can serve better than the trust and reliability of Tata i.e. Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plan.

Tata AIG travel insurance offers varied plans, tailor made to suit your needs and budget. Travelers going abroad can choose from Asia Guard insurance, Travel Guard insurance and Annual Multi Trip under TATA AIG travel medical insurance plans. Asia Guard insurance is tailor made for travelers travelling to other Asian countries. Annual Multi Trip is suitable for travelers travelling overseas multiple times during a year.

Tata AIG travel Insurance plans cover benefits like Coverage of Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses, checked baggage loss, baggage delay, loss of passport, personal liability, hijacking, trip delay, personal accident, etc. Travelers can choose a plan to get maximum coverage benefit upto $50,000, $2,00,000 or $5,00,000. You can get a quote immediately by choosing a plan as per your age and travel needs. All these Insurance plans can be compared and bought online at EIndiaInsurance without any paperwork. Payment can be made via Credit card, debit card or through cheque. For using Credit card/Debit card, you can just follow the steps online and buy the travel insurance plan, however if paying through cheque, you need to provide details in the Online cheque application form and then courier the cheque to the office address mentioned in the cheque application form. In both payment modes, Policy will be issued, emailed and couriered upon realization of the payment. You also get 24×7 service support free of charge for complete peace of mind during your trip. Wish you Happy and Secured Travelling!

Get A Reasonable Travel Insurance Plan

Get ready for all sorts of catastrophes, including delays and emergencies, when planning your trp. These events cannot be predicted and at times they cannot be prevented as well. Your only defense is good travel insurance, purchased before your travel of course.

Travel insurance makes sure you don’t go bankrupt when inadvertent events occur. Because medical demands are expensive, get travel insurance that can cover the costs. Travel insurance really assuages any fears you have about travelling abroad.

Variety and quantity describe travel insurance availability. Spend time only on those policies that offer the coverage you need for your trip. You know which policies will be helpful, and you should stick to these.

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Travel Insurance Fraud The Consequences

Rebecca and Shanti were both honest law-abiding citizens with law degrees from Sussex University, so it came as something of a surprise when they were recently arrested in Brazil for committing holiday insurance fraud. The two girls allegedly told the police that thieves had stolen around 1,000 of their possessions, including a camera and laptop computer. However, officers became suspicious of their calm demeanour and the fact that it had taken the girls days to report the alleged offence.

The police subsequently demanded to see the girls lodgings, where they claim to have uncovered all the possessions which the girls claimed had been stolen en-route to Brazils Iguassu Falls. Rebecca and Shanti could face up to five years imprisonment if they are found guilty of committing holiday insurance fraud in Brazil, and this sentence is actually quite lenient when you consider some of the punishments that they could face if they had committed the crime in a different country.

In England, tourists face up to 10 years imprisonment as a result of making fraudulent holiday insurance claims. This sentence could even be on top off additional penalties, such as repayment of the amount you claimed and compensation to your travel insurance company. You would have thought that the prospect of a ten year prison sentence would put most people of committing travel insurance fraud, but last year 4,300 dishonest claims worth 5million were made through holiday insurance companies in the UK alone.

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Your Guide to Travel Insurance The Basic Stuff and Specific Requirements for Different Countries

One of the important things to pack and must have when traveling to another country is travel insurance. Your own pocket money may not be enough in covering some expenses when emergency or accident occurs during your voyage. It is very essential to have travel insurance that will give you enough help which you will need it the most in times of emergency situations.

Getting travel insurance is a process wherein you need to consider some important matters. These things will be discussed below which can serve as your guide in getting the insurance you need for your travel.

Coverage Included in Travel Insurance Policies

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