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Travel Insurance Fraud The Consequences

Rebecca and Shanti were both honest law-abiding citizens with law degrees from Sussex University, so it came as something of a surprise when they were recently arrested in Brazil for committing holiday insurance fraud. The two girls allegedly told the police that thieves had stolen around 1,000 of their possessions, including a camera and laptop computer. However, officers became suspicious of their calm demeanour and the fact that it had taken the girls days to report the alleged offence.

The police subsequently demanded to see the girls lodgings, where they claim to have uncovered all the possessions which the girls claimed had been stolen en-route to Brazils Iguassu Falls. Rebecca and Shanti could face up to five years imprisonment if they are found guilty of committing holiday insurance fraud in Brazil, and this sentence is actually quite lenient when you consider some of the punishments that they could face if they had committed the crime in a different country.

In England, tourists face up to 10 years imprisonment as a result of making fraudulent holiday insurance claims. This sentence could even be on top off additional penalties, such as repayment of the amount you claimed and compensation to your travel insurance company. You would have thought that the prospect of a ten year prison sentence would put most people of committing travel insurance fraud, but last year 4,300 dishonest claims worth 5million were made through holiday insurance companies in the UK alone.

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Purchase A Holiday Insurance Policy And Benefit From Well Protected Vacations

When organizing a holiday in a foreign country, travel insurance is often seen as a secondary consideration, and the action of booking flights and hotels is often in of people’s minds. Some people do not even get out holiday insurance. Not getting an insurance policy before going away is a terrible mistake, as you will be losing out on the many benefits and essential protections that it offers.

Possibly the most important element of all is medical insurance. Whilst overseas, you are not insured for medical costs without a holiday insurance. Should you get sick or be victim of an unfortunate event, you are in all probability to be liable for the total medical charge. This could quite easily run into 1000 of dollars. The fact that you are on holiday abroad raises your chances of getting ill or suffering an accident. Not only are you not familiar with your local environment, but you are consuming foreign food, and your body is vulnerable to unknown viruses and viruses.

Furthermore, insurance policies are obtainable which cover you for holiday cancellations. Events at your home, or inauspicious weather and travel inconveniences can all mean that you may be unable to go on holiday. The cost of cancelling when you don’t have insurance to cover you can be extensive. This problem and cost can all be kept off by having a good holiday insurance policy.

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