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Selecting a luxury holiday destination

Long haul holidays offer something special to us Brits as we discover the beauty of a destination that is completely different to ours. We may be travelling to a tropical paradise for a wedding or honeymoon, or maybe for a romantic break to one of the world’s most luxurious resorts.

But, when we have to choose the actual destination things start to get a little complicated. Consider arriving in the hurricane season for a honeymoon or making your wedding vows in the extreme humidity and heat of the Far East. Planning ahead is essential to successfully chose the right long haul destination and the weather and activities available need to be carefully researched.

Some will have a fixed date of travel whilst others will have the flexibility to select a destination first and then decide on the best time of year to travel. Feeling a little overwhelmed already, then take a look at the handy charts below. Each month has recommended long haul holiday destinations taking into consideration low or moderate humidity, low chances of rainfall and temperature that will on average not exceed 30C.

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Plan Your Holiday Well In Advance!

Traveling is known to be the best way to relax and unwind. You must always plan well ahead for travelling to avoid any hassles. When you plan things in advance, you can avoid all the last minute problems and also plan your stay appropriately. It will also help you enjoy your holiday.

Booking accommodation and tickets can help you avoid running around in the last minute. You can also check the available stay and see if you can find a better stay. It solves most of your problems. You can also approach a travelling agency that can arrange stay for you. You can leave the whole task to them. All you need to do is specify your needs. They will plan things on your behalf.

You can choose from innumerable holiday spots. From domestic to foreign locations, you can choose anything. However, you must keep your budget in mind before choosing any particular location. This will help you enjoy your stay utmost. You can even plan out family holiday. Whatever, be your requirement, you can specify your requirement to them.

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Halal Friendly Travel Destinations

Halal tourism is a new product introduced in the travel industry for Muslim travellers who wish to abide by their traditions on holiday. Halal tourism is fast becoming popular across the world and there are several holiday destinations that are now catering to Muslims. Halal holidays include accommodation in hotels that do not serve alcohol, cater Halal food and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. Some destinations even have Halal beaches, permitting all members of the family to enjoy beach holidays freely. There are several countries around the world that offer these services, including Malaysia, Turkey and even China! By offering these Halal conditions, Muslim travellers can now enjoy their holidays, while maintaining their religious beliefs.

There are several travel companies that provide tailor-made Halal friendly holidays to several destinations around the world. These holidays ensure that travellers cross paths with Muslims from around the world from Argentina all the way to China. Here are some of the best travel destinations for Halal friendly holidays.

India – You can discover Islamic heritage in many parts of India such as Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kerala and Rajasthan. Visit Indias Golden Triangle, the stunning Taj Mahal, the Periyar Reserve and many more, and stay at Halal friendly hotels such as the Ramada Hotel, Maidens Hotel, Fariyas Hotel and Maidens Hotel.
China This is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and has much in store for travellers such as the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Long Corridor in Beijing. The Niujie Mosque is also located here; this was the first mosque to be built in China. Other sights to see are the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian which is home to the largest Muslim population in China.
Maldives The islands of Maldives are situated in the Indian Ocean, and are one of the most popular beach destinations in the world. With hundreds of resorts located on individual islands, privacy is at the fore here, so you can relax in beachside accommodation and even enjoy your own private pool if you desire.
Tanzania and Zanzibar This is one of the best places to visit in Africa for an all round Halal friendly holiday. Unforgettable wildlife expeditions and stunning beaches are in abundance here, with Halal friendly lodges for accommodation. Zanzibar has some Middle East routes, as many descendants from Oman settled here.

Greece And Cyprus Ranked As Cheap Holiday Destinations

Greece and Cyprus earned a reputation of cheap holiday destinations for UK holidaymakers decades ago. Booking a package holiday to Greece or Cyprus is often the smartest and most cost effective way of gaining some valuable time off in the sunshine. Greece offers inexpensive packages based on self-catering accommodation, bed and breakfast hotels, as well as value luxury accommodation in all inclusive holiday complexes or boutique style properties. Both Greek mainland and the islands are associated with long hours of sunshine, thus making for equally long summer holiday season, usually starting in May and finishing in late October. Cyprus, on the other hand welcomes year-round visitors with its hot summers and mild winters. For many, it has become a place for long-stay holidays, even a second home.

Whether you are staying in your own holiday home or your accommodation is part of your holiday package inclusive of flights and airport transfers, there are usually other expenses associated with your stay in Greece or Cyprus. These can be anything from car rental to excursions, entertainment, meals and drinks or food purchased outside your holiday complex. Although these two countries have been labelled as ‘expensive’ after entering the Eurozone and the euro currency, current research based on consumer demands to show more transparency in the general cost of holidays shows that both Greece and Cyprus are actually ranked amongst the cheapest holiday destinations when it comes to the actual package holiday cost, as well as all associated expenses. Surprisingly enough, Greece is at the moment cheaper than Turkey, often perceived as the most economical holiday destination.

Usually holidays booked outside high season tend to be cheaper as opposed to travel during the peak months of July, August or late December. Holidays to Greece and Cyprus are no exception, therefore planning your trip in less busy time can benefit with even more holiday bargains. Greece and Cyprus are also ideal last-minute destinations when the tour operators and their local business partners tend to release the flight seats and last available rooms for a quick sale at bargain prices. Current unfavourable economic climate in Greece also means that the local hoteliers, transportation companies, restaurant and tourist facility owners have slashed their prices to a minimum to draw more visitors this year. This makes Greece even more attractive on the package holiday market.

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Customize With Homa Travel

we arrange a lot of holiday destinations to exotic places such as Phuket, Goa, Thailand, Turkey and many other destinations all over the world. We specialize in providing travel services to your customers according to their choices. They can opt from our tailor made services which include air ticket booking, arranging travel insurance policies, and many more such options to choose from. To commemorate our anniversary we are providing special. Attractions are waiting for our esteemed customers who are going to choose our holiday destinations Mauritius and likewise. We are also arranging flights to Kabul and Tehran and other destinations in Iran and other places of the world. We also arrange trips to other European and Asian countries as well.

Choosing the right all inclusive resort can be overwhelming and troublesome due to the many options to compare and pricing. There are a few information websites that assist in informing and guiding you to the right decision for you and loved ones. These sites provide all the best locations, listings for amenities and activities.

Some of the best all inclusive resort locations include Puerto Morelos, Mexico with its deep blue waters, Cop marina in Puerto Rico and don’t forget the wonderful Caribbean. It’s up to you where you choose depending upon what you wish to get out of your relaxing vacation.

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