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Adventure Outdoors In Turkeys Cappadocia

Far from Turkeys seaside in central Anatolya, Cappadocia is a vast region where volcanic activity has resulted in bizarre, undulating landscapes and fairy chimneys tall tapering spires of rock sculpted out of soft volcanic tuff by wind and water. The region features some of the most spectacular scenery and topography in the world, and is an ideal destination for family vacation adventures.

Besides its topography, Cappadocia is known for its unique dwellings of rock-carved homes and churches built by Greek Christians who inhabited the region until the early 20th century, and for its troglodyte villages underground cities created to escape persecution.

At the center of Cappadocia, Goreme, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the most remarkable of these sights. Molded from a combination of volcanic tuff, basalt, wind and water, Goremes fairy chimneys, fantastic meringue-like shapes with tapering columns thrusting skywards, house entire dwellings which were chiseled into the soft rock rooms, doors and windows some inhabited to this day. A part of the Roman and Byzantine empires, Cappadocia was home to a thriving monastic Christian community who carved churches and monasteries into the same soft earth and decorated them with pigments made of local plants and minerals. The Goreme Open Air Museum is witness to some thirty of the most impressive of these rock-cut churches, whose vividly colored frescoes depict stories from the bible. Key-holed shaped doors, leading into arched and domed spaces and split-level structures with stairs running up and down characterize these edifices, and shrines tucked around corners with ornate frescoes adorn the interiors.

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