Started Working on the New Restaurant

I was not really sure what to think of this location when I first got here. For one thing the place was right near this really run down hotel where they have a lot of crime. Then down the street there are places that sell porn tapes and dildos, along with other services of that sort. However I got to thinking about it and I learned that they were going to tear that hotel down. The police had apparently decided that it was a magnet for crime and they had talked the city in to buying the land, after driving the value down by various methods. Obviously if you want to get rid of a place and you run the city, then you can eventually do it. All you have to do it is make impractical for the people to operate it. There is not a lot of profit in running the sort of hotel that is frequented by drug dealers and that sort of people.

The adult businesses are close to this location, but they are not in sight and there is a fairly busy grocery store across the street. I need that to drive some traffic in to the area.In fact I think this area is going to have a revitalization. I talked to some people who are involved in that sort of thing and they were really trying to encourage me to do this. The restaurant is going to be quite unique here and it is not more than a half mile off of the highway. I was really looking for a location that was closer, something where I could get a big sign that people could see for a couple of miles in each direction, but we are going to need to let our food and service market us for now.

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