Started to Work on the New Blog

The blog is going to be there for promotional reasons and I have to get some good content for it, stuff that is relevant to the site that I am promoting. I have been offered a large number of free articles, but they are not about anything that relates to the site. For example one is for something called Semenax pills and they have the same intent in their writing as the blog does, only they are trying to sell some pills which are supposed to help you perform better in sex. I did not pay much attention to the claims that were made, because I never intended to use it. If my site were about sex and sexual health or just health related topics, then I would have evaluated it for it’s merits and decided whether or not to use it. Of course the site is a hobby site.

So I am not looking for articles that are about erectile dysfunction or how to fix it. I want to have stuff about radio control aircraft, cars and boats most of all. After that you can take any sort of hobby that people like to play with or collect. So an article about model trains would be great. The same thing for baseball card collecting and any other type of trading card as well. If people have a hobby I would be willing to talk about it and in fact the eventual plan is to branch out in to a much wider variety of such things. In fact I have been learning about all sorts of unusual hobbies and getting a big article together that talks about them. I figure that I should look for niche markets, things people are interested in, but which there is not a large site providing.

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