My Parents Helped Plan a Great Nice for Me and My Friends

My parents told me early on during my junior year at school that I would need to get good grades and behave throughout the year in order to earn the privilege of going to my junior prom. Mom said that her parents did not let her go to prom when she didn’t pull her grades up, and it would be the same for me if I didn’t have at least all Bs in school. She said they would rent a limo from for me and all my friends if I did well. This gave me a good goal to aim for.

The month before prom, my parents told me that they were really proud of the fact that I had kept my grades up all year long. They said that I had earned the right to go out and have a good time. They mentioned that I could go in their car, but they would prefer that I go out in a limousine because it would keep me from getting behind the wheel. They also said that I could invite to other couples and we could all go together, which sounded a lot more fun than riding around in my dad’s old SUV.

When the limo showed up, my friends and I were more than happy to see that it had an expensive stereo system in it and a flat-screen TV. We turned on the TV as soon as we got in, but turned down the sound. We put the channel on a music video station. Then we turned up the tunes. Mom and dad had asked that the vehicle be stocked with non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling juices that came in different flavors. They also had catered snacks onboard, too. We had a really good time. We could not wait to get back out to the limo after the dance ended because it was so fun inside it.

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