Looking for a Pill That Helps with Performance

Looking for a pill that helps with performance in bed, the thing that I have been checking out is something that I saw when I was in Australia called Vimax. I was in the store looking for something for an allergy. It was not what I was looking for, but I checked out the stuff on the box and it seemed as though it was reasonable to try it out and see if it worked or not. It did not seem as though it could hurt you, but obviously there is not any real research done on these sorts of products. A real drug is regulated by the the FDA in the U.S.A and by some other entity in other countries. At any rate they check those out and make sure that they do not harm people. Of course when you see those drug commercials on the TV they list about fifty or sixty bad things that might happen or reasons why you can not take the pills.

In fact the side effect most associated with Viagra is called Priapism, which means that you have an entirely different type of erectile dysfunction. That means you have an erection and it will not go away. Apparently that is quite painful and I would guess it would be problematic. Obviously your penis has two functions and it can not do one while it is doing the other. So if you have an erection that will not go away, then you would not be able to urinate normally. I used to wake up every morning with the need to urinate, but not the ability. It is hard to figure out what you can do except stand there and try not to think about anything that might give you any type of sexual excitement.

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