Jobs and Travel in Indonesia

It is kind of late, or at least, getting kind of late. I have a bit of a headache, and I am kind of congested. Maybe not the best pair with a headache, but I am also sipping a cold beer. Nothing fancy tonight, but it will do the job. I should probably go to bed before too long, but there are some other things I need to do. I was reading about Indonesia for some reason and found this site Sarkari Naukri that appears to have to do with jobs in the area. I don’t know what I means, but I am guessing that it means something in the language they speak over there. Not sure what language that is, but I doubt I am ever going to learn it.

I am curious about travel, and I like to do so when I have the money. Which is less often than I would like. But at the same time, I can’t really complain because I have already had my fair share of travel opportunities in my life, and that is probably a lot more travel than a lot of people will get to do in their entire lives. I feel bad for sure people, because I have really learned a lot in the traveling that I have done.

Right now I am watching a cooking show, and it is pretty interesting. They made some sort of shrimp with grits recipe, and although I have never been a big fan of grits. I really like shrimp. Well that is not true, I think I could be a fan of grits if they were done right. After all, I really love polenta, and that is kind of the same thing. I wonder how many countries have dishes in their cuisines that are similar to American grits.

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