How To Avoid Excess Baggage Fees On Your Global Mission Trip

With increasing fees for baggage weighing too much or being too wide or even for brining an extra bag, it is important to take the time to evaluate what you pack to avoid excess fees.
Check your airlines baggage restrictions carefully. Airlines are increasingly strict on size and weight limits for both carry-on and checked-in

One great reason to ship excess luggage ahead of your trip to Zambia is to avoid the concern when it comes to keeping track of all your items.
baggage, and charges for excess baggage can be steep. For South African Airways the excess baggage charge for the 3rd piece when 50lbs/23kg or more on a flight from the USA to Lusaka in Zambia will be US$ 160.
Make sure to check the specific airlines baggage requirements before arriving at the airport, or even before packing. With an abundance of codeshare flights it is easy to assume that the luggage allowance will be the same as the airline you are booked through, or the airline indicated by the flight code, however it is the rules of the actual airline operating the flight that apply. If you are a frequent flyer with status be particularly careful, as any increased baggage allowance you have when flying with your airline will usually not apply to the codeshare flight
If you find you are taking more baggage than allowed, check with the airline to see what the cheapest way of carrying it is. Sometimes additional baggage allowances can be pre-purchased. Airlines generally offer discounted cargo rates to passengers, but this must be arranged prior to departure and the destination of the goods your want to ship as cargo must match the destination on your ticket and you will need to deliver your bags to the cargo terminal, and you may incur duties and other charges.
Consider posting or sea freight which can be much cheaper than air freight or excess baggage charges. It can be a good way to get some baggage back home when you dont need it any longer, or even to send some baggage ahead for longer trips. See individual country listings for information reliability of postal service at your destination, however.
Luggage delivery services provide an alternative. Luggage is delivered normally between 11 and 13 days for a door-to-door service for items shipped from the USA to Zambia. All paperwork is provided to you and customs procedures are managed. The price is slightly cheaper than airline cargo rates, but still expensive.
In order to save money and not be charged extra for baggage, reconsider what you packed. Consider the climate and weather expected during your trip. If you arrive during the hot season, pack lighter clothes that take up less space. If come when the weather is cold, consider brining jackets or coats on the aircraft, as they take up precious space in baggage.

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