Holiday in Armenia

A holiday first of all means a rest but Holiday in Armenia differs from that of classic type of having rest. Here one can not lie on beach and have ? sunabath all day long. Tourists come here for new impressions that differ in their sense, magical impressions that last long.

Tour packages operated by ERKIR NAIRI allow the tourists to see one of the ancient countries in the world. Armenia is a small country full of thousands of picturesque places of interest. And it is just impossible to see all the wonders in a day.

Holiday in Armenia is diverse, as during one tour our guests can see nearly all the brand places in our republic, i.e. do a little hiking or driving, have a walk or something that is previously planned by the company.

During each tour tourists are sure to taste Armenian national dishes. And we must say that the list of the dishes is very broad and even during ten days you don’t manage to reach the turn for the famous barbeque and kebab.

An indispensable attribute during a vacation in Armenia is the dosed use of alcoholic drinks. In this respect Armenia offers the tasting of a quite broad assortment of famous Armenian brandies -Ararat- and Armenian wines -Areni-.

During recent years the active kinds of rest are becoming more popular. It is known that tourists prefer hiking but now more and more cycling, horse-riding, and climbing lovers come to Armenia. We have worked out itineraries which are for any taste and for both beginners and professionals.

There are people who really want to rest and improve health at the same time. Our curative tours in the best resorts of Armenia are at your disposal. In the first place is, of course, Jermuk resort where all the conditions for full-fledged rest and treatment are created.

Choose Holiday in Armenia and you won’t regret! The main distinction of the tour packages of ERKIR NAIRI is the fact that the packages may be altered upon request: combined, increased and decreased. Thus within the framework of Holiday in Armenia our guests can participate practically in all the other tours worked out by our company.

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