Finding Consistent Renters and Their Pets

Being able to find a place to live in the Stockbridge Apartments is a stroke of luck. As I have only recently moved into the area as of last week, an opening this early on in my hunt is more than I could ask for. Typically I have had nothing but issues when trying to find a new apartment in a new city – I could search up for a month with little to no luck, often finding myself crashing at the YMCA or even in my car while I looked. Neither of those options is necessarily a poor option but it’s one I traditionally try to avoid.

I’ve been here three weeks and I can already claim that it is going to be one of my favorite places to call home; it’s been a real struggle to find an apartment complex that is willing to take animals these days. I get it – dogs and cats are at times very smelly creatures. But that is typically going to be the fault of the owners who are not doing their part in taking care of their pets, unfortunately which means people like myself are going to be denied a place.

I wish that more apartment complexes would give a thirty to ninety day trial – if the owner of the pet is clearly not doing their part in taking care of both the apartment and their animal, then they can be kicked out. If they do well, then let them stay! I would much rather have a renter who is taking care of their place and their pet instead of one who doesn’t have a pet and doesn’t take care of the apartment. Don’t these places care about turn over? Isn’t it better to have a consistent renter than constantly trying to fulfill vacant units?

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