Explore The Travel Modes To Reach From Chennai To Pune

Chennai and Pune are two prominent metropolitan cities of India. Situated in the south of India, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. Pune is an important industrial hub in the country situated in the state of Maharashtra. Chennai is well connected to Pune by all means of transports such as air, rail and road.

Pune is located at a distance of around 1091 km which can be covered in around 21 hours and 30 minutes while traveling by road. Road journey from Chennai to Pune is recommended on for adventure freaks who are fond of driving as the distance between the two cities is too long. The best route to take while traveling from Chennai to Pune is through National Highway 38 or National Highway 16 or through National Highway 9. The travel time duration from Chennai to Pune differs on each of these routes.

There are lots of buses operated by private companies plying from Chennai to Pune. The bus fare differs according to the kind of bus you prefer to travel. Private taxis are available from Chennai to Pune. It takes less than 2 days to reach Pune from Chennai. The cab fare varies depending on the number of passengers and the type of vehicle you choose.

Many direct train services are operated from Chennai to Pune. These trains to Pune start their journey from two stations in Chennai – Chennai Central and Chennai Egmore. The trains that offer service on a daily basis from Chennai to Pune are Chennai Express No: 12164, Mumbai Express No: 11042 and Mumbai Mail No: 1102. Chennai Express departs from Chennai Egmore at 6.50 am and reaches Pune Junction station by 2.25 am, covering the distance in about 19 hours and 35 minutes. Mumbai Express leaves Chennai Central at 11.55 am and arrives at Pune Junction station by 9.30 am, taking a travel time of around 21 hours and 35 minutes. Mumbai Mail departs from Chennai Central at 10.50 pm and arrives at Pune Junction by 11.25 pm, covering the distance in about 24 hours and 35 minutes. Moreover, it is possible to do advance online reservation of tickets through the website of Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

There are a number of domestic flight companies offering services from Chennai to Pune on a regular basis. The time duration from Chennai to Pune is approximately one and a half to two hours. Introduction of budget air tickets have made flight journey more popular. Traveling by flight and train from Chennai to Pune are the ideal means of transport compared to road journey. Taking bus and taxis in this route are suitable only for youth and backpackers.

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