Does This Really Work Like They Claim?

I am sort of curious as to whether or not there is any truth to some of the claims that have been made about this stuff called Genf20 Plus and other similar products. It is supposed to be something that releases HGH, which after all is a naturally occurring thing and in theory you should be able to make your body produce the stuff. Of course HGH is a performance enhancing drug and the reason I am interested in it is that I would like to get bigger. I would not like to get caught taking an illegal drug, but if I could do something that was a bit on the border with no risk to my health and very little risk of getting caught, then I might consider doing it. You want to be bigger stronger and faster, in theory taking HGH or if you could some way or another make you body create the stuff for you, that is the safest way to do it.

All of the other stuff that you can do seems to have some sort of side effect, and a lot of them are really bad. For example if I read that steroids is going to make my testicles smaller that gives me a great deal of pause. I do not really need them to be huge, but I like them the way that they are now and I do not intend to take a substance that might harm them. This genf20 is supposed to make you look younger too, which I suppose is quite possible in theory. If it makes HGH that is the same as you would get when you are young and an adolescent. You can be sure that there are a lot of people who would be interested in it if it did any of that.

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