Country Vacation Mumbai Made All Arrangements For Us At The Lowest Possible Rates

One might wonder why on the earth I would need country Vacations service for Mumbai. Answer lies in the question itself i.e., it was my vacation. I am a 35 year old man from Amritsar and it is only thrice that I stepped out of my state with family for vacations. All the three times I planned my tour with Country vacation India and this was fourth time now, again with Country vacations.

I decided to go for Mumbai because I wanted to see this financial capital of my country. Vacations came just at the right time as I was eager to see Mumbai and Hotel Taj, which were under condemnable terrorist attack recently. I informed Country Vacations Mumbai that I would like to have them suggesting me other nearby places which I could afford in my package.

Certainly, the list provided by Country Vacation at that time was much longer from what I expected. But I again demanded the suggestion of Country vacation for strategically reducing the length of the list. So country vacations Mumbai and me, finally decided on new list which included sightseeing at Ajanta Ellora caves, Aurangabad Caves, and truly film industry oriented Khandala. We finally made another inclusion of Lonavala, on one of the Country Vacations Mumbais staff suggestion.

Now this is the quality and personalization level of Country Vacations. Everyone is ready and keen to contribute voluntarily whenever needed. After a short visit to these locations, it is certain and easy to comprehend the worldly charm of Mumbai, which is otherwise, regarded as only the financial hub of our nation. Country vacations definitely helped me in big way.

Also known as Jewel of The Sahyadri Mountains, Lonavala came out to be the most memorable sight in the tour of Country vacations Mumbai along with Panchgani (also located in Sahyadri Mountains).We still had enough time to plan a visit to Mahabaleshwar and we did. Though Mahabaleshwar was too far from Mumbai, and could never have been included in the regular Country Vacation offer, Country Vacation Mumbai made all arrangements for us at the lowest possible rates.

It is a perfect holiday resort, especially for those who are in search of piece. Country Vacations Mumbai does not end in Mumbai itself but extends to other nearby cities as well and soon we will be availing customized packages like Country Vacations Pune, Country Vacations Aurangabad, and Country Vacations Shirdi etc.

Not to forget Shirdi, a holy place of Sai Baba and with my devotee wife around, Shirdi was never out of the pack.

I would like to thank all country vacation people for their generosity, from core of my heart. Now I can say that I now share a strong bond with Country Vacations India and Country Vacation staff.

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