Church Ladies Know How to Have Fun Too

The women’s ministry group at our church likes to do something really special every Christmas season that is just for us. All year long, we give our time and resources to help others, so we do the same for ourselves just once. The Christmas season is the perfect time to do this. We have been doing this for the last three years, so it is a really nice tradition that we all look forward to now. We always get one of the party buses for Toronto area residents because there are just so many of us that go.

The first year, there were only 12 of us who went, and we took a few different cars. The second year, we got smarter and hired a party bus. This was really nice because our number had nearly doubled to 23 of us. Last year, we had 30 going, and we were able to get the same size bus. This year, a couple of women were not sure what to do when our number nearly doubled again to 45 of us going. I wasn’t worried though since I am the one who always arranges for the party bus.

I knew that there was one that would hold 50 of us, so we would still be good for this year. The buses are really nice too. Most of us have been on the big tour buses, but these ones are nothing like that. These are designed for comfort and fun, which is something that we know how to do without a problem. We always have a nice meal in the city, get in some shopping, and usually see a show too. Doing this at Christmas time also allows for us to see all of the festive lights on the way home. This is such a fun trip, and it helps prepare us for the work that we must do to help others the rest of the year too!

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