Charity Holiday Gifts For Clients – Corporate And Small Business

Charity gift cards are one of the holiday gift ideas that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as a small business holiday gift. The business world is no exception when it comes to gift-giving for cultivating good relations with existing clients or employees. The year end or holiday gifts that are typically given employees and clients is the best time to show your appreciation. Charity gift cards have become a meaningful option for these year-end gifts among corporations and companies of all sizes.

Charity gift cards as corporate gifts are beneficial to all involved. The recipients are given the opportunity to pass the giving on by choosing where they would like the funds to be donated. The corporations who choose to use charity as their holiday gift to their employees and/or clients are benefited by the tax deduction, the appreciation of those they give them to, and the satisfaction of helping those in need. The clients or the employees also take receiving charity gift cards as a positive approach on behalf of the company and a sign of respect, allowing them to do a greater good through their participation in choosing the charity to benefit.

This unique and innovative gift idea even allows a small business to customize their redemption pages, with CharityChoice’s easy to use online wizard, to include a company logo and message. Plastic gift cards are in stock with expedited shipping available, so advanced planning is not needed to take advantage of this great PR and branding with your small business gift.

The IRS allows corporations to take a charitable donation deduction of up to 10 percent of their net income. If a corporation chooses to donate more than this 10 percent, they are allowed to carry over the amount to future years.

The feedback from recipients of these holiday business gifts has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic, as they are able to pick a cause close to their heart. Everyone is able to reap the benefits of charity gift cards, but most importantly, we are acknowledging the need and doing our part by offering our support during this financially challenging holiday season.

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