Being A Travelling Retiree

For many retirees, a budget is of the essence and money is tight. Many retirees are playing it smart and getting rid of many daily expenses of owning a home or paying rent; instead, they decide to enjoy their retirement and become nomads in motor homes. Today’s nomad retirees are living life one day at a time. Many enjoy taking part-time assignments from one area to the next, enjoy the trip, the scenery, and earning a little bit of money in the process. With the advances of technology, retirees can keep in contact via email, cell phones, and computers. They also enjoy networking sites, as a way to blog about their exciting lives.

Despite the obvious biggest expenses such as gas and food, nomadic retirees seem to want to simplify life to the bare necessities to enjoy their retirement years. They also think about important issues such as travel insurance for the elderly. This seems to be one major issue, as security and safety while on the road are a must.

Many companies provide travel insurance for elderly and retirees can take advantage of the internet to compare many quotes and obtain the best rates for their specific needs, whether they are a couple of retirees or travel alone. Despite the increase in rates in Canada, there are many discounts for elderly people and the availability to customize a policy. Seniors will have to research well the many deals, as travel insurance could be a bit expensive, as much as $1000+ a year per person. It might not seem much at a glance, but for seniors on a budget it adds up. The older you get the more you have to pay on insurance for traveling.

For many seniors on the road, a “backpacker” insurance policy can take care of items such as emergency medical coverage, personal liability, rescue and repatriation, travel delay, holiday cancellation, personal money, baggage, and personal items. This is a basic policy with the essentials to be covered on the road. Many can be extended for two more years, depending on the provider.

Whether nomadic retirees travel by land, sea, or air a policy with the basics will be of great benefit when needed.

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