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Doing a Night Security Job Right Now

Of course this is pretty boring so far. To this point nothing has happened that would make much of a TV show. At least you would have a really tough time selling the reality tv show about this job. I have been going to school in the day time and at night I have been working as the security guard at a large abortion clinic in Sydney. It is not like they have any real problems here, but this place does have a supply of drugs that they use for the procedures and apparently there have been efforts in the past to break in to the place and take these drugs. Read the rest of this entry »

Cheap Abortions in Sydney, Australia

It is with a heavy heart that I say that I am going to have to start looking for an abortion clinic in Sydney. I just had an ultrasound and apparently the baby is very unlikely to have a healthy life, or even survive to be one year old. I don’t want to put myself through that, or the possibility of a miscarriage. I also do not want to put my family through it, and so it seems like it would be better for all of us, if I were to just get an abortion and that to be the end of it. Read the rest of this entry »

Started on the Research into This Topic

I am not really sure what this is going to look at when I get done with the research and produce a paper. At the moment I am just trying to get hold of some samples for the research. I have a budget of about two hundred dollars and I am using it to acquire samples of various over the counter remedies. I found this stuff called vimax which is from Australia, but getting hold of it is not all that simple. The big thing is to arrange the shipping to this country and making sure you are not getting in to any trouble. Of course I am doing research and the purpose is to get hold of the stuff and find out what is in it through a chemical analysis. Of course the government is not really noted for being perfectly sensible and if you violate one of their rules you are going to be tied up in red tape for a very long time. Read the rest of this entry »

Finding the Best Shops Online

It was not until I broke my leg in a skiing accident that I realized I was not using the full potential of the Internet. I was not able to get out and about too much, so I started exploring this cyber world that went mostly unused by me in the past. That is how I developed my love for online shopping. I have always been the type to go to the same stores simply because it was convenient and what I was used to. Once I entered the online shopping world, I saw how limiting I was being to myself.

I started off looking at clothes and purses, but I realized soon that I could find better services for just about everything. Read the rest of this entry »

A Review for the Best Dustbuster on the Market

My very first housewarming gift when I moved out on my own nearly 25 years ago was a Dustbuster. Not only was it the first gift I received, but it is also the best gift. I used that thing until it just couldn’t run anymore, and then I bought an exact duplicate of it. That one died not that long ago, but I was not able to get the exact same thing because the company had gone out of business. I decided to go online and see if I could read some reviews on what the best electric skillet is that is currently on the market.

I found a website that was exactly what I needed. I did not want to read a lot of sales jargon about why I needed to buy a certain product. Read the rest of this entry »