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Business Day With Terry Bradshaw Family Recreation

Business Day With Terry Bradshaw and its team of producers are proud to announce the launch of a new series, Family Recreation, as part of its television program. Business Day with Terry Bradshaw ( is a special TV program that transcends most business news shows with intimate profiles of top businesses and their owners and founders.

The family that plays together, stays together, or so the old truism goes. The fact is that in today’s busy, technologically oriented society, there are more distractions than ever before that can keep family members from talking and truly relating to one another from day to day. How many people bring work home or bury their noses in online pursuits during every quiet moment? While it’s important to talk and share the events of the day, it’s even more critical to spend some fun time together. Business Day With Terry Bradshaw values the importance of this important topic.

Play time. Adult play time is just as integral to healthy living as is a child’s version. There are plenty of choices to keep a family busy, from casual activities to serious sporting pursuits to cultural displays and performances. Memories of hours spent laughing together will outlive those of most other events in life. Make them count. Go for the gusto.

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For Excellent Training In Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. In India too tourism business is growing with more airlines operating flights within the country and more international carriers operating into India. Growth in travel & tourism leads to development of infrastructure such as roads, hotels and transport facilities and it results in all round economic growth of the country.

A growing industry also needs trained staff to handle the increase volume of traffic. Akbar Academy was established in the year 2003 by Akbar Travels of India, Indias No.1 Travel Company, to meet the growing demand for trained personnel in the tourism and travel industry. There is a great demand for Airline courses and tourism training. There are 12 Academy Centers around India, offering a wide variety of IATA-UFTAA courses and short term diploma courses to suit the students requirement. The courses train the students and work in all segments of the industry such as Airlines, CRS systems, Travel Agencies, Airports, Tour Operators
IATA Courses

International Air Transport Association has developed courses in many levels to train the students in travel & tourism. Akbar Academy is an award winning IATA Training centre offering various courses. The IATA-UFTAA Foundation course is the 1st course in this ladder. After completing this course, the student can prepare for the 2nd course IATA-UFTAA Consultant course. IATA GDS Ticketing course is another of the IATA travel course. Most of Akbar Academy Centers include these courses in their curriculum. The IATA Diploma course is internationally recognized and students seeking employment abroad prefer this course.

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Inexpensive Travel Medical Protection Plan For Senior Visitors

Our senior relatives and elderly parents were facing difficulty in getting protection coverage for international travel a few years ago. But many multinational insurance companies like Patriot America and Atlas are now offering inexpensive travel medical protection coverage plans to keep our senior visitors safe and secure in foreign destinations. Health risks are high for our old parents and many insurance agencies see it as a potential threat to their businesses. So, many healthy visitors often fail to find suitable coverage for their foreign travel plans especially if their age is 65 years or more. It has prevented many parent visitors from medical insurance plans and packages.

With the due passage of time, the insurers approach has changed and they have learnt to earn with the elderly visitor group or community in the world. Thats why more travel insurance companies are offering short term health insurance policies to meet the elderly care during foreign trips. They can save the life of our elderly parents who dont earn anymore and could not pay an expensive bill for emergency treatment or care. The insurance sector today is more attentive towards the safety and security of our visiting seniors.

Benefits of using visitors travel medical protection coverage:

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A safari beach holiday, the perfect combination

Todays couple want to combine the traditional beach honeymoon holiday with a bit more adventure. The perfect example of combining a luxurious beach holiday with an adventurous activity would have to be a safari beach holiday.

A safari beach holiday is the latest honeymoon phenomenon and the main reason for that is the two types of holiday merge perfectly well together. Another excellent reason for this is that they are often located in nearby locations. The best country for a safari beach holiday is Africa, having the perfect location being situated next to the Indian Ocean. The different type of activities which you can do on both holiday work perfectly together; a safari is the perfect location and experience to bond a newly married couple together, whilst the beach part of the holiday will provide some much required relaxation after they big day and before you have to head back home and begin your new lives as newlyweds.

A safari beach honeymoon are an amazing way to maximise your holiday, in effect you tend to get two holidays for the price of one. Generally couples choose to go on safaris at the start of their honeymoon, leaving the last week of their holiday to relax on a beach. A safari can be quite tiring especially after a tiring wedding day; most safaris take place in the early hours of the morning or at dusk.

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Experience An Adventure With Yamaha Fzs

Yamaha bikes have there own fantastic features and innovative smart styles. Yamaha is frequently launching great variety of bikes in the India and markets of abroad. The Yamaha bike lovers have get want they want and the bike manufacturers get sufficient satisfaction from their bike riders. Yamaha has currently launched its new model Yamaha FZS. The Yamaha FZS is one of the most stunning bikes in this entire bike series. The design of this bike is in European style with awesome colors and graphics. The low end grunt of the bike is loved by every adventurous rider.

This 153cc bike provides comfortable seats , Yamaha security system, reverse with traction control technique, electronic fuel injection, low RMP mode, one piece cylinder, crank case assembly, NanoXcell hull and deck, wet sump lubricant as well as thermostatic cooling system and 5 manual gears makes the bike perfect with all aspects. The bike is available in two distinct colors as velocity yellow and metallic racing blue.
The top speed level of the bike is approx.100Km/hr to 115km/hr and the effective break ability makes the rider more confident and relaxed. The bike has high output supercharged Yamaha marine engine. The bike will give you an experience of air flying. This perfect luxuries bike is 1975mm in length, 770mm in breadth and 1045mm high. The maximum torque of the bike is 13.6Nm @ 6000rpm with maximum power of 14Bhp.
The bike is built with all the latest and advance attributes which makes the bike more stylish and comfortable for the rider. The bike prices in India. depend upon the overall cost of the bike which include showroom price of the bike plus the additional taxes and registration fees. The showroom price of Yamaha FZS is round about 73,000 rupees. Even the price fluctuate cities to cities across India.

Go and get your Yamaha FZS from your nearest Yamaha showroom. The bike will take you to a world of adventure and style from the first ride.