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Vertigo – Do I Have To Give Up Air Travel

I meet many interesting people while traveling. For both business and personal reasons I travel a lot. As I was always eager to speak to new people, i will someway start a conversation that had lead to many interesting information’s.

A common topic of discussion that comes up is vertigo. I have heard from many people who say that travel (both air and car) either causes their vertigo or that it makes it worse.

What does vertigo mean? It means spinning or whirling that is due to the disturbance in the balance of equilibrium. Vertigo is not considered as a disease, it’s a mere symptom. There are no certain conditions that cause vertigo and the cause is not always known.

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When to Choose Single Trip Travel Insurance Over Annual Coverage

If you’re planning a trip abroad in the near future, chances are you’ve been advised to purchase appropriate cover for the trip in case anything goes wrong. Travel, like life, is an adventure and therefore at times surprising and unpredictable. A good policy protects you against various possible trip-related financial and property losses, and helps ensure you receive the necessary services and assistance in case of accidents or medical emergencies. In short, having a policy, whether annual or single trip travel insurance, gives you greater peace of mind, enabling you to fully concentrate on your trip, whether it be for business or pleasure.

As with every other investment, however, there are many things to consider before purchasing your policy. If it is your first time purchasing a policy you could easily become confused or overwhelmed by the choices. One of the first decisions you need to make is whether to choose annual or single trip travel insurance. Both have advantages so considering your plans and your needs is the best way to make the right decision. Listed below are two instances where purchasing a single trip travel insurance makes more sense than purchasing an annual plan.

You are planning to take only one trip in the foreseeable future

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Celebrating Christmas in a Hot Climate

In some countries Christmas physically can’t be white. Different climates worldwide mean for some, such as Australia and South Africa, Christmas falls in summer which tends to be a very hot season.

It may seem bizarre to visitors but for locals it’s the standard, and festivities are more likely to be associated with the beach rather than snow-covered pine trees, seasonal German markets and mulled wine.

If you happen to be travelling at Christmas time or just fancy adopting some new traditions for your celebrations, why not learn to celebrate the Southern Hemisphere way?

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Travelling To South India With Shanti Travel

South India is the southern part of India that comprises the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, and the islands of Andaman & Nicobar. At times, the state of Goa is also considered to be a part of southern India. This region is quite a contrast to the northern part of India. While North India is mountainous, witnesses extreme temperatures and is landlocked, south of India is coastal, surrounded by bays and an ocean, with a relatively temperate climate. While the north Indian population originates from the Aryan clan, which is believed to descend from Europe, the South Indians find their genesis in the Dravidian dynasty, originating from Africa.

A traveller in southern India will be exposed to a diversity of landscapes, cultures, art forms, and people. Ornate temples, pristine beaches, colorful festivals, lush tea plantations, languid backwaters and exotic wildlife, South India is a treasure trove waiting to be ravaged by a hungry traveler. A trip to Tamil Nadu will take a tourist through exquisite temples, traditional art forms and cultural festivities. It is not surprising that the state is called the cultural capital of South India. The Madurai temple is one of the most well known temples in southern India. Not far from Tamil Nadu is the coastal land of Pondicherry, now officially recognized as Puducherry. A former French colony, Pondicherry is a charming getaway where travelers can bask on the sunny beaches and enjoy French caf by the promenade. Karnataka is known as the land of temples, and the capital city of Bangalore is Indias Silicon Valley with excellent weather.

If you are traveling to Kerala, you are in for a treat. Known as Gods own Country, Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. A tourist can enjoy diverse and rich experiences in this state, including a stay on a houseboat floating through the famed backwaters of Kerala, a traditional Ayurvedic massage, sun bathing on pristine beaches, strolling through lush tea gardens, or even spotting rare wildlife in a national park. The Andaman & Nicboar archipelago and the island of Lakshadweep are exotic and less travelled destinations that offer breathtaking natural beauty and beach activities. A trip to Andhra Pradesh will appease a travelers thirst for heritage sightseeing, while party lovers can revel in a tour of Goa. Southern India has much to offer, so contact this customized travel agent today to book your holiday!

Avoid Ski Vacation Disasters

If you’ve previously had some disappointing ski trip experiences, then now is a great time to start thinking about avoiding repeats of those experiences. The truth is that ist’s perfectly possible to have a fantastic ski vacation, as so many people find out each year.

What are the main reasons why ski vacations can sometimes be more disappointing than they should be? It seems to me that we can almost put the issues into a series of categories. Let’s begin with a focus on the nature of ski resorts.

If you select the wrong resort then you can find that you’ll have a truly woeful time. The problem is that some resorts are really lacking in terms of facilities, while it’s clear that others may not be suited to your own needs. You probably have requirements that apply specifically to your family.

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