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Recreational Activities At Monticello Reservoir

Monticello Reservoir, also known as Lake Monticello by local residents, is a quiet lake in the central midlands region of South Carolina. It is an easy 30 minute drive north of Columbia. The main part of the lake covers nearly 7,000 acres with 51 miles of shoreline. The smaller 300-acre Monticello Recreation Lake is located just north of the main lake, separated by a dike where Highway 99 crosses over. Monticello Reservoir provides opportunities for year round recreational activities.

The lake is owned and managed by the South Carolina Electric & Gas Company. It was built in the late 1970s for the V.C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station, which provides electric power for the region. Although the dam impounds Frees Creek, the reservoir also receives water from the Broad River through nearby Parr Reservoir. The electric company owns a buffer of land around the shoreline of the entire lake to maintain its natural beauty and prevent overdevelopment.

The Fairfield County Recreation Commission operates Lake Monticello Park off Highway 215, near the intersection of Highway 213. The park offers a number of recreational activities. There is a picnic area, a playground, a fishing pier, and restroom facilities. Sports enthusiasts may enjoy the tennis courts, basketball court, and baseball/softball field. The park contains paved walking trails. Swimming is allowed in the lake, but there is no lifeguard on duty. Lake Monticello Park is open from sunrise to sunset, and there is no admission fee. Another park area is located on the smaller Monticello Recreation Lake. Visitors may walk the 1.5 mile nature trail, enjoy a picnic, or swim. Fishing is allowed on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This park is also open from sunrise to sunset.

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Baby Blanket Versus Travel Wrap

Most parents would not even consider a travel wrap, they are familiar with the baby blankets and that is what they assume they will need when they have a baby. However, people who have discovered them have realised they are not just a gimmick invented so you will feel obliged to spend money on yet another baby product, but actually a really great improvement of the standard blanket.

There are several wraps that I am aware of on the market but the particular travel wrap that I am familiar with is fantastic because it has so many uses and solves so many problems. I think people feel put off by the fact that they will need to spend a bit more and that a cheap baby blanket will do the same job, but of course that is simply not the case.

The travel wrap fits into a buggy or car seat or anything with a three or five point harness; it is shaped so it lays flat within the seat. The straps thread through the holes so the wrap almost becomes part of the seat, as soon as you are ready to go out on a journey you simply but the baby or child into the seat and strap them in as you would normally.

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Towing Light Weight Travel Trailers

Most of the time RV’s are pulled by larger vehicles like a diesel truck or a big V8 SUV or pick up truck. At least this is what most people associate with camping trailers and travel trailers. The truth is that if the trailer is a heavy load then this would certainly be the case but if using a light weight travel trailer then today it’s a different story.

A light weight trailer is thought to be around four thousand pounds or less and in actuality can be hauled by a 6 cylinder SUV, crossover or mini type van that families normally use. Even a light duty truck can be the primary hitched rig. Having a lighter camper makes the vacation cheaper to go on. It’s simple, because the less weight that must be towed the less that has to be spent on fuel. And less fuel can add up to big savings with the current price of gasoline around three fifty to four dollars a gallon.

Before going out and buying a traveling trailer go and look at the vehicle you plan to use as the towing vehicle. Find the maximum capacity for hauling and this will tell you what the total weight of your travel trailer will need to be. The manufacturer will set the towing rating. Don’t take it for granted, it’s best to not exceed this poundage level. If this is not strictly followed it can cause very serious damage to your vehicle. Either the rear axel, which will take on the tongue weight of the trailer, the transmission, the brakes, engine, or wheels could be ruined. If a camper that is over the vehicle’s towing rating is actually hauled then this may void the warranty on the vehicle and cause a lot of problems.

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How the Weather Can Affect Your Jamaica Vacation

Planning your next vacation to the beautiful island of Jamaica?

When preparing for a visit to an exotic destination, weather can have a big impact on your travel experience. You should always pay attention to the climate conditions that may have an effect on your Jamaica vacation. The material included in this article strives to make sure that you are well prepared with everything you need to know about the weather in Jamaica.

The Caribbean is legendary for its outstanding temperate conditions, and Jamaica is the perfect place to go if youre looking to soak up some sun.

Jamaica is known for having a reliable climate, with little variance in weather conditions throughout the year. Hot days and warm, breezy nights should be expected during the summer season.. During the summer months, the average temperatures reach a low of 78 degrees and a high of 88 degrees. Many people flock to Jamaicas inviting weather during the winter months to escape the cold weather back home. If you travel to Jamaica during the winter months, expect to see average temperatures range from 74 degrees to 83 degrees.

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Improve Sea Travel With Modern Navigation System

The common navigation tools when traveling by ship or boat are charts, compass and maps. These traditional equipments were useful since they were invented. Travelers are common with these tools and adept at using them. Technology did not just update the navigation methods but also transformed the way sea navigation is done. New marine equipment and electronics are now available for consumers. When at sea, GPS electronics like Garmin marine GPS are used to determine your location. People operating boats don’t have to panic when lost at sea. The term “lost” can be eliminated when knowledge of location is easily determined. With the advancement in marine communications, it is also easier to be in touch with the local authorities to let them know of your location.
The sea is a vast area that unlike roads on land, it doesn’t have street signs that will help readily determine where you are located. So a GPS Garmin marine system is like a virtual map that can provide location information and routes to take. It is can also provide nautical information and charts.
Many have already installed this type of systems for their own boats and vessels. When traveling, they achieved a new sense of control and manageability of the ship. More advanced technology that has an auto-guide function were used by other ship owners to help in choosing a route to a particular destination. Alerts and warnings can be provided by the system when there are approaching ships, other types of vessels or natural obstacles like a small island.
When traveling by ship, safety must be initially ensured as this is vital in keeping everyone away from life-threatening dangers. Reliable navigation equipments can provide information on routes to avoid so the ship can also avoid any natural disaster. Fishermen and all boat operators can lessen the risk that comes with sea navigation.
It is important for consumers to choose a reliable manufacturer or retailer of modern marine electronics and equipment. They can choose popular and well-recognized GPS systems like Furuno, Raymarine and Garmin marine GPS. A lot of retailers and manufacturers can provide exceptional quality of modern marine equipment and products that can enhance navigation experience.