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Promotion Of Adventure Tourism In Ladakh

Small hotels in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) can soon expect to witness a jump in their customer count and eventually in their revenues thanks to the State Tourism Department of J&K governments proposed move to focus on promoting adventure tourism in the state.

The State Tourism Department is planning to focus on the Leh-Ladakh region as it feels that the region has a lot of potential for adventure tourism. Owing to its unique topography and culture, it is considered ideal for adventure sports such as skiing,mountain biking, treks and other expeditions. However, it never received the desired attention due to security reasons.

Small hoteliers to receive a boost

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Adventure Activities In Jamaica Skydiving

Jamaica as a tourist destination needs no introduction. Apart from the sun and sand, there is plenty on offer in terms of land and water activities. Have your fill of the beaches and the beach activity and there is much in store for you to get your adrenalin running.

Skydiving is the latest feather in the cap of Jamaican outdoor activities. Safe and secure, it promises much fun and adventure and the opportunity to see Jamaica with your body flying at nothing less than 120 miles per hour. And if you thought that the activity was just for the experienced then you are entirely off the mark. If you are a novice, you will be given a hands on training by experienced and licensed masters so rest assured you are in safe hands. The tandem sky-dive is offered by Sky-dive Jamaica, which specializes in tandem sky-dives, and is perfectly safe. In fact their website says, it a low-pressure way to experience a high-thrill sky-dive.

The adventure unfurls from the height of 12,500 feet when at the green signal, you take the jump. There can be no better way to experience Jamaica than with your body flying at the speed of 120 miles per hour. And just when you have begun to relax, the instructor pulls your rip cord and you are all set to enjoy a six- to eight-minute parachute ride back to the landing area on the airport.

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Travelling and Graduate Jobs

During your time spent in University, the subject of wanting to see more of the world often arises. After all, it’s more than likely that you have spent the majority of your life in a confined area and even if you have moved away to University, in global terms you wouldn’t have moved particularly far away. If you do want to see more of the world, travelling shortly after Graduation is a great time to do it. You have the rest of your life ahead of you to work and to do the mundane things such as buy a house. Many employers used to have a negative outlook on those who opted to travel, but that trend is certainly changing.

My career has allowed me to spend a lot of time interviewing graduates in order to asses if they are suitable candidates for graduate jobs. Many of the people who I have spoken to have indeed been travelling for a period of time after attending University. Some people have travelled for a few months and some have even spent years in different countries. Regardless of the amount of time or the amount of countries you visited, employers are now becoming more increasingly interested any experiences that you had when you were away. It is recommended that you keep a record of any worthy incidents.

If you have recently graduated from University, you will not have much at all in terms of work experience. After all you would have spent the last few years of your life studying, so how could you be expected to have the same levels of experience as somebody who has spent the same amount of time in a full time position? If this is the case and it is more than likely to be, then don’t worry as employers will instead be looking at any skills that you possess that can be transferable. Transferable skills are ones that you have that can be adapted to a different situation. Have a think about your experiences, it’s more than likely that you have plenty.

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Get the best holiday experience through our Holiday villa Website

Everybody likes holidays. They provide a great way to loosen up and enjoy your life. The one thing that you require in order to have a great holiday is a proper experience. If you do not properly arrange the holiday then it will end up just giving you more stress. That is why it is recommended that if you are visiting some place to enjoy with your friends or family you should get a villa instead of involving yourself in some hotel room. You can easily find villas on a holiday villa website and have a great vacation. Holiday villa websites have lots of villas available and also have other great options which make things much easier for you and your friends or family. Once you have found a good holiday villa website everything else will be very easy to do. Holidays can only be fully enjoyed if you have a villa to yourself. Hotel rooms are way too cramped and formal. A villa on the other hand is very spacious and you are easily able to live their. The holiday villa websites provide a list of features which will help you decide which villa you want to choose. Each and everything about the villa is told in impressive detail. From the number of rings on the oven to the installations in the bathroom, everything is properly documented. This is because the holiday villa websites wants to make sure that you are getting the most information possible. If you have all the information then you will not be surprised by anything bad when you visit the villa because you will already know what is included in the villa. You will also be told how near the villa is to the sea and other party areas. Holiday villa websites have lots of invaluable information which will help you in making a great decision. Once you have a great villa you will have an absolutely fantastic time with your people. You will have a great place to stay in a great location which will allow you to get the maximum pleasure out of your holiday.

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Tips on How to Beat Vacation Stress

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but sometimes, they can end up being more stressful than your life back at home. Going on a vacation is your chance to temporarily escape your stress from work and your everyday life, so you should not allow unnecessary stress to take over your much awaited vacation. With this, let me share to you some tips on how to beat vacation stress. Here are some of them.

1. Be organized. Make sure that you have all the things that you need organized from your baggage, your itinerary, down to your important documents to your finances. Sometimes you get stressed just because you can’t find your phone charger or you misplaced your ticket or passport. You can prevent this unnecessary stress just by being organized. It really pays to have a checklist of all the things that you need so that you don’t end up forgetting or misplacing things. So before you step out of your door, go through your checklist and see if you’ve brought everything you need.

2. Don’t over plan your vacation. Planning your vacation down to the smallest detail can actually be more stressful than relaxing. Always remember that the ultimate goal of your trip is to relax and unwind and not worry about anything. So as much as you want to go on every tour available, it’s still best to have some ample resting time in between activities so that you don’t end up getting haggard and stressed. Just go with the flow. Don’t pressure yourself to create a perfect trip because you’ll just screw up everything in the process.

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